Conservatory Blinds

Made to measure conservatory blinds are the easiest and most efficient way of controlling lighting and heating levels in conservatories.
We offer a range of fabrics and operating systems that provide shade and security with the minimum of effort for the maximum effect.
Pleated blinds are ideal for the roof or the sides of your conservatory. They can be made to fit the shapes and contours of each window and they’re versatile too, providing excellent all round performance in terms of protection, shade and window coverage.

Perfect Fit roller, pleated and venetian blinds are an ideal option for UPVC windows and doors as they are quick and easy to install with no holes drilled into window frames. These blinds are neat and streamlined, clicking into position between the beading and glass of the window using discreet brackets. There are no operating cords and the blinds become an integral part of the frame, making it easy to open the window of your conservatory on warm days, even when the blinds are closed.

Vertical blinds are another great choice for conservatory blinds, easy to use and versatile. They can be tilted to gently filter the light, closed for privacy or pulled back completely for a full view of the outside world.